Easy Tips to Make Any Day into a Good Day

Do you ever feel like you’re going to have a really bad day as soon as you wake up? If the response is a resounding yes, you’ve arrived at the right place. I have penned this article to assist you in making every day worth it by telling you how to start every morning with a happy attitude.

But, before we get into the suggestions and tactics, it’s crucial to recognize that rising in a bad mood is a pretty regular occurrence. In fact, if you conducted a little study, you’d discover that practically everyone around the globe has experienced morning moodiness at some time in their life. The most critical thing is to recognize it and take action.

So, here are some tips to make any day into a good day!

1.   Help Someone in Need

Individuals who only think of themselves will always be dissatisfied with their lives since they spend all their time feeding their egos. Taking the time to help those in need is truly the best way to

Doing something for someone in need is the finest and simplest method to get over yourself. If at all possible, do it anonymously.

2.   Declutter

Even if it’s only a little part of your life —for example, a shelf or a drawer- decluttering may greatly impact mood and happiness. It has the power to make any day better. Take a couple of minutes to clean things out when they start to become cluttered (because, let’s face it, even for the greatest declutterers, we all face messes). Starting by clearing the desk (or at least its surface) since it can be a good place to start.

3.   Take a Stroll

Many people advocate exercise, but it might often require too much work and motivation. So, simply go for a stroll instead. That activity and the fresh air outside will have a significant impact on your day. Even better, when you’re out walking, spend a couple of minutes appreciating the natural beauty surrounding you. Make an effort to clear your mind. Relax during a hectic period of your day. Think good thoughts on your walk like, “How fortunate I am to be alive!  What a lovely world I live in! What possibilities and chances await me!”

4.   Make A Mental Note of at Least One Happy Memory

You can open the notes app on your phone or buy a journal for this. Take a minute of your day to write down at least one good moment from your day. It can be something as simple as feeling happier because of a yummy drink or something big like getting promoted at work. After a few months or even years, you can go through your journal to remind yourself of all the happiness you have felt in your life.

5.   Eat Healthily

It’s important to refuel your body with nutritious foods soon after you’ve finished exercising. Eating a good diet has been demonstrated to alter brain chemistry, implying that food might truly make you happy. So, make sure you have a meal that’s high in protein, excellent carbohydrates, and healthy fats.

6.   Put On a Fantastic Ensemble

If you think you look good on the outside, you will also start feeling good on the inside. It’s important to dress in ways that make you feel confident, beautiful, and at ease.

7.   Stay Away from Stressful Circumstances

This is most likely one of the most crucial elements, so pay attention. Did you notice that you are the only one who can choose whether to be cheerful or furious at any given time? All you need is a basic understanding of yourself, including what worries you and what calms and soothes you. For example, if slow walkers irritate you, try to find a method to avoid them. Sometimes all you have to do is cross a street to a less congested area.

8.   Make A Pleasant Gesture for Yourself.

Most individuals ponder on how they can make someone else feel happier. What they don’t frequently consider, though, is how you might make yourself happy for a change. It’s critical to do something kind for oneself on a daily basis. So go have lunch at that spot you’ve wanted to try for a long time, or try that new Americano from the coffee shop next door. But keep in mind that spending money isn’t always required. Letting yourself stream your favorite TV program or read a book —whatever activity makes you happy– may also be considered doing something kind for yourself.

9.   Take a Long Drive

One of the easiest methods to ease restlessness and gloomy moods is to go for a drive. Turn up the volume, throw down the windows, and allow the breeze to take care of your worries.

10.  Get a Coloring Book for Adults

Acquire some lovely colored pencils to work with. Get some sparkling water or an ice-cold coffee and listen to your favorite music via your speakers if you want to raise your mood even further.

11.  Just Let It Out

If you don’t have somebody to talk to, jot it down in a notepad or message a friend, family member, roommate, or significant other. Someone else’s confirmation that it isn’t all in your mind and your day is indeed horrible is sometimes all you need.

12.   Look for a New Recipe to Try Out

Baking is a fantastic stress reliever, and there’s nothing quite like eating something wonderful that you’ve created yourself. If you don’t like sweets and/or don’t want to cook, order your favorite dish from your favorite restaurant.

13.   Playing with Animals

Do you know how you feel whenever you see a gorgeous dog walking down the street? That is the actual meaning of happiness. Schedule some time to cuddle with animals at local animal shelters, volunteer to walk a friend’s pet, or just look at gorgeous kittens and puppies on the internet.

14.   Take a Shower or a Warm Bath

You don’t always have to go out of your way to make your day better. Get your body scrubs, a fantastic deep conditioner, and a waterproof speaker ready for the finest shower you’ve ever had.

These quick and easy tips to make any day into a good day can simply change your view of the world.

Angelina Valentin, LCSW-R

Angelina offers counselling services and has worked with clients from all sorts of backgrounds. Angeloina runs the Q Therapy podcast and offers free mental health awareness and education on LGBTQ+ related matters on YouTube.